Domain Q&A

The internet was created using complicated IP addresses to access web pages. In order to make navigating the web more user-friendly, character strings were introduced which are called domains… the names we give our websites.

There are many ways to purpose your domains. Of course the most common usage is a multi-page website for your business or other entity. You can also use domains for landing pages which are like mini one-page sites to provide basic information or call to action. You can create a domain that points visitors directly to a specific page on your site.

Registering an effective domain name is very important because it is the vehicle for visitors to find you online. It should be memorable and descriptive of your business or entity. With the introduction of new domain extensions, your domain name options are much broader. The .com, .net and .org extensions have been on the market since the beginning so choices are now limited, but now you can choose more descriptive extensions like .consultant, .attorney, .dentist, .forsale, .online.

We’ve made buying domains super simple. Go to our Home page and type domain ideas into the search bar. We will let you know if that particular domain is available. If it’s not we will suggest similar available names and what the market rate is. Once you choose your name, just add it to your cart. Upon checkout we’ll give you an additional 10% discount … better pricing than any other domain registry on the web!

Basically registering your name is the same as purchasing it. Technically the registrar allows you to “own” your domain for a certain amount of time with renewal options. The domain name is hosted on the registrar server where you will have access to build your site on your domain. You may also transfer your domain to another hosting agent at any time, however ICANN has a 60 day on-hold policy before you can actually transfer it.

gTLD is the acronym for general Top Level Domains. 15 years ago ICANN released hundreds of new domain extensions beyond the old .com, .org and .net. This was significant because the inventory of .com, .org and .net has been drastically depleted. It became very difficult to find a good, descriptive domain. They were all gone! With the release of the new extensions, the floodgates have been opened and there are thousands of options to find the right domain for your business or entity.

Just having a site built on a great domain is not enough to get found. Sure, if you have a great name that includes highly searched keywords, you may be found in an organic search, and that’s the best way! But, most of the time you will need to do a combination of many things to get found. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are required to get your site ranking on the first page of any browser. Fortunately Online.inc offers consulting in these areas for reasonable fees. If you are interested in learning more about our marketing services.